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Iran is a big country, with healthy demographics, very low debt, plenty of room to catch up with the rest of the developing world, and plenty of oil and gas in the ground. This surely is one emerging market that everyone wants to invest in. Iran is opening up to foreign investment and it is starting to re-connect with the rest of the world. This could very quickly turn Iran into one of the hottest investment opportunities of the next two decades.

Open Iran Group is formed to cater for the needs of international companies and their local counterparts. Our website is packed with up to date information and new regarding business in Iran, Operated by Afarin Law Firm, one of the most trusted and experienced law firms in Iran,  Open Iran Group is now concentrating on bringing international businesses to Iran, introducing investment opportunities to foreign companies, and assisting them in securing contracts. Open Iran Group also assists Iranian companies and organizations, including trade related government agencies to attract investment and technology to Iran. 

Providing the right legal and business advice is a key. All our lawyers and business consultants have lived abroad, they speak fluent English and understand western culture and are aware of the expectations of western clients in terms of communication, costumer care, customer service, and most importantly delivering the promised service in a timely manner. Our consultants are also very well aware of all the market trends, Iranian business culture, administration and bureaucratic systems, and how best every clients must be served. Our experience together with our local and international network are very well utilized to move fast in a period when time matters more. 

In addition to legal services in Iran and business consultancy offered by our experienced lawyers and consultants, we assist international companies to register a company in Iran. We provide advise on the best ways to incorporate a company in Iran including advising on the most tax efficient ways to form a company in Iran. In order to actually open a company in the mainland or free zone in Iran, our consultants take care of all the aspects of incorporation from preparation of documents to filing and submission.  

Some of our services are as follow:

  • Provision of legal services in Iran. Incorporation of company in Iran for foreign nationals / companies.
  • Provision of business and legal information for international companies, including company formation,
  • Introduction of investment opportunities in industrial, civil, and tourism fields,
  • Provision of the free initial consultation and guidance to foreign companies,
  • Introduction of Iranian companies and organizations active on the international market,
  • Organization of international specialized investment conferences and exhibitions,
  • Networking between Iranian companies and organizations with foreign partners,
  • Attraction of modern technology from foreign firms for domestic projects,
  • Introduction of technological capabilities of the Iranian companies to foreign firms,
  • Finding and introducing of suitable Iranian partners for foreign companies for JV,
  • Provision of advice and services for company incorporation and brand registration,
  • Supply of financial models and services from overseas for domestic projects,
  • Creating bilateral or multi-lateral agreements with best contractual and legal strategies,
Open Iran Group is the trading name for OPEN IR LTD, registered company in England, registration number: 10856030. Registered address: 483 Green Lanes, London, England, N13 4BS.
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Open Iran Group is the trading name for OPEN IR LTD
Registered company in England, registration number: 10856030
Registered address: 483 Green Lanes, London, England, N13 4BS