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Arge Jadid

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Arg-E Jadid Special Economic Zone was established and started its activities at the 10-day anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1997 with the aim of creating and developing the required facilities for efficient industrial activities, absorbing modern technology and enhancing employment domains through attracting and directing domestic and foreign investments. Arg-E Jadid, which is located at a 10-kilometer distance from the eastern part of Bam city (Bam-Zahedan Road) in Kerman Province, covers an area of 1100 hectares.

Where is Arg-E Jadid?
Arg-E Jadid is located at a 10-kilometer distance from the eastern part of Bam in Kerman province. Its limits include NORTH: Onto eastern Kerman mountains; EAST: Onto Shourgaz sandy deserts; SOUTH: Onto Barez mountains; WEST: Onto Rain plain.
The zone covers an approximate area of 2100 hectares, of which an area of 1000 hectares belong to the special economic zone as per the Cabinet’s approval No K18283T/59479 dated July 21, 1997 and the remaining part has been determined for construction of a modern collection with welfare, tourism and residential facilities.
Although Arg-E Jadid is located at desert border, it entails sufficient water resources due to abundant rainfalls in the surrounding mountains. Average temperature in warm seasons of the year amounts to 37°C, while minimum temperature in cold seasons shows a record of 4°C. This special type of temperature is regarded as an advantage of the zone that is proper for every industrial and agricultural activity.
Economy in Arg-E Jadid Special Economic Zone, prior to its establishment, has been based on agriculture. One of the specifications that differentiate the zone from other parts of the country is the existence of various agricultural products, various trees of tropical areas, date, citrus fruits, grapes, pomegranate, patch plants, summer crops, grains and various types of cold region trees and pistachio. The possibility of cultivation of all these products has proved the zone to be a very fruitful area in southeast Iran.
Special geographical situation of the area and its locality on the way to Khorasan, Systan & Balouchestan and Fars provinces as well as Persian Gulf and Oman Sea harbors and the great Silk Road (for commercial purposes) has been highly considered from the very long time ago. Furthermore, the zone is currently situated at the country’s transit road and trans-Iranian railroad and has easy access to other parts of the country.


In accordance with Para. (D), Note 25 of the Law for the Second Five-Year Economic, Social and Cultural Development plan of the Islamic Republic of Iran, approved in the year 1993 in order for supporting domestic products, development of non-oil exports and making the regional economy more active, the Government was authorized to establish special protected Zones in entry borders or domestic customs departments, in certain parts of the country having the required capacity for this purpose.
As per Article 2 of the executive by-law of the same law, the authorized activities in the zones include:
1) Maintenance of goods in trust
2) Facilitating and speeding up access to the goods, including raw materials, machinery and other domestic products, in order to make the owners’ scene of activity closer to domestic consumers for supporting the state domestic production.
3) Goods processing or alteration in order to achieve value added price by using potentialities.
4) Providing the required facilities for domestic and foreign whole purchasers to have access to their required goods in these zones; making the regional commercial markets closer and developing the state foreign trade.
5) Creating fields for regional commercial activities while considering the markets of Middle Asian countries, Caucasus and beyond, connections with Asian, European and other countries as well as useful operation of these markets using all domestic and foreign transit, export and re-export facilities.
6) Absorbing capital and domestic/foreign facilities for the above activities in order to achieve the required goals while abiding by the relevant rules and regulations.


Arg-E Jadid Special Economic zone, fully owned by private sector, was established in February 1997. From its date of establishment, all arrangements were made for the investors to confront with less difficulties and unnecessary bureaucracy. Management of the zone then tried to make proper grounds for presence and desirable economic activity of the applicants in the zone by providing infrastructural facilities and making them available to them in less periods of time.
Arg-E Jadid Special Economic Zone is currently a ground for joining the state vehicle manufacturing industries to its global cycle. Setting up vehicle manufacturing industries in the zone and manufacturing thousands of vehicles in the course of a year requires cooperation of other 200 affiliated industries. Accordingly, establishment of parts manufacturing industries in the zone was economically meaningful, while considering the fact that activity and investment of other fields of industry was also possible.
Currently, motor power and hundreds of other vehicle parts used in our domestic vehicle manufacturing industries are produced in the zone. Parts manufacturing plants in the zone, other than meeting the requirements of Arg-E Jadid vehicle manufacturing units, provide orders made by other vehicle manufacturing plants in the country. Proper grounds have now-a-days been paved for other economic activities including industrial, commercial and service activities. Since favorite economic activities require supportive living facilities for the investors, economically active units and their personnel, all such facilities including hotels, residential units, residential houses, sports facilities (indoor and outdoor pools as well as horse riding and bicycling stadiums) restaurants, greeneries, artificial lakes, etc. are provided in Arg-E Jadid. On the other hand it was determined that by absorbing direct domestic and foreign investments in tourism and infrastructural projects, the zone become one of the country’s tourism-recreational poles in a near future.


Partnership and investment in vehicle manufacturing industries, parts manufacturing industries, metal industries, processing industries, packing agricultural products as well as other industrial activities authorized by the directorate of the Special Economic Zone, with regard to the relevant regulations.
Partnership in and investment for establishment of Arg-E Jadid residential units with regard to continual development of economic activities and population growth in the zone.
Partnership in and investment for Arg-E Jadid infrastructural projects based on profile form of defined projects.
4) Tourism & Welfare
Partnership in and investment for Arg-E Jadid tourism and welfare projects based on profile form of defined projects.


Omran Arg Company was established on September 8, 1993, aiming at Managing and operating the Arg-E Jadid Township project, directing Arg-E Jadid Special Economic Zone as its supervising organization as well as directing and absorbing capital and development of industrial, tourism and agricultural activities.
Since, the requirement for creating infrastructural facilities seriously existed from the early stages, major activities of Omran Arg Company from the beginning included providing primary infrastructural facilities such as land preparation, constructing access and connecting roads, supplying water, electricity, telephone and other living facilities in order for equipment of the logistics site of the Special Zone, as Arg-E Jadid Township and attracting specialists. Accordingly, the company has made more than Rls. 340,000,000,000 investments in Arg-E Jadid from its date of establishment, to carry out its project. Certain parts of this investment includes: Road Construction, outdoor construction and pavement Design; Fencing; electricity supply and lighting facilities at roads; providing telecommunications facilities; making greeneries; creating railroad terminal; making disciplinary division; installation of closed-circuit cameras; fire station construction; providing special places for praying; construction of residential units, industrial steel structures (warehouses), conference halls, hotels, national parks and recreation centers; creation of palm groves, emergency and health centers (to provide 24-hour services), educational centers and libraries, nurseries and kindergartens, multi-purpose sports clubs, football and horse riding stadiums, indoor and outdoor pools, airport disciplinary center, airport fire station, fuel containers, international terminals, private customs office, Bagh-E Shahr residential township, Dialogue of Civilizations Hall, Bam Airport passenger terminal and camping.
Upon establishment of primary facilities and paving the way for new operations little by little, Omran Arg Company, following completion of its first-stage process, decided for enhancement of its activities, aiming mainly at development of Arg-E Jadid. Accordingly, certain companies with specific activities were established, each to follow a part of Omran Arg Company responsibilities and policies. These companies include:
Date of Establishment: October 19, 1997
Subject of the Company: Rendering all travel and tourism services within the framework of the rules and substantive laws of State Aviation Organization and the Ministry of Culture & Islamic Guidance.
Objective: Since travel and tourism activities are among the major activities of Omran Arg Company, special priority has been given to establishment of Tourism Services Company to provide travel and tourism activities.
Date of Establishment: March 3, 1998
Subject of the Company: Obtaining agency status from Iran Insurance Company and rendering insurance services with due observance of the establishment act of Central Iran Insurance Company, Insurance Regulations as well as the approvals of the High Council of Insurance and the tenets of the agency status concluded with Iran Insurance Company.
Objective: Providing industrial, service and commercial units with proper supportive coverage and setting up a specialized insurance body to render software and management services to the existing units in the Special Economic Zone and Arg-E Jadid Township, under an appropriate insurance coverage.
Date of Establishment: August 28, 2001
Subject of the Company: The company is currently providing Kerman Vehicle Manufacturing Industries Group with telecommunications systems and computer communications services and makes activities, as Iran Telecommunications Company’s contractor, in connection with certain Kerman Province telecommunications project.
Objective: Manufacturing telecommunications and computer equipment; creation of fixed/mobile city-wide and inter-city-wide telecommunications/information supply networks; implementation of one of the biggest Intranet services in the world in Arg-E Jadid
Date of Establishment: November 19, 2003
Subject of the Company: As one of the sub-divisions of Omran Arg Company, it is responsible for directing urban, supply and commercial services as well as running the affairs of Special Economic Zone.
Objective: Directing mainly service and supply system of Arg-E Jadid Township and Special Economic Zone, other than rendering service and commercial services.

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