Kish INVEX 2015

Kish INVEX 2015
Kish INVEX will be an opportunity for central governments, mayors of various counties and Free Zone officials to present their “ready-to-invest” projects and various investment opportunities in the fields of Energy, Construction, Mining, Infrastructure, ICT, Agriculture, Housing and Urban Planning and Travel and Tourism. It will also be a great platform for domestic and foreign companies to be presented with investment opportunities and get familiar with banking, insurance and privatization issues and trends of stock exchange and to network with those who share the same vision for Iran.

Kish INVEX Summit will include conferences, seminars, workshops, ministerial roundtables, presentations and meetings. It also includes exhibition for national and international companies. The aims would be to:
• Introducing the capacities of national and international financial institutions.
• Introducing the potentialities and achievements of Iranian investment, monetary, and insurance market.
• Transferring experience and knowledge of international investment market to national financial institutions.
• Introducing commodities and capacities of companies in stock exchange in various industries.
• Introducing the new monetary bank services of the country.
• Introducing new insurance services.
• Helping to accumulate capital in national economy.
• Increasing the capacities for money and investment market of the country to compete with similar markets in the region.
• Introducing the most recent investment opportunities in national tremendous projects, specifically in the fields of Energy, Construction, Mining, Infrastructure, ICT, Agriculture, Housing and Urban Planning and Travel and Tourism.
• Introducing the most recent investment plans and projects in private sector and attracting new investors.
• Proposing the latest models and prototypes to provide finance for the investment projects.
• Exchanging technical and commercial information among investors, the executives of investing plans, agents in investment market, participants, and visitors at the exhibition.
• Encouraging the participation of private sector in the investment projects related to the exhibition themes.
• Familiarizing the foreign investors with Iran’s general atmosphere, describing the economic, political, social and cultural situations in Iran.
• Exchanging information and increasing the coordination and cooperation of agents, authorities, and other institutions related to investment.
• Studying investment issues with the participation of authorities in order to increase the participation of investors.

Who will be there?

The Summit will be held in Kish International Convention Center, and the exhibition is held in Kish International Exhibition Center. For more information download  Kish INVEX Brochure.

Iranian companies and high ranking official organizations already registered to attend cane downloaded here, this list is as of 15 August 2015, the list will be updated next month.

Registration for sponsorship is now open, sponsorship packages are now available for download. Please pre-register , or download and complete the Summit/Exhibition Registration Form.

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