Oil Terminal

Oil Terminal

In partnership with Vostock Capital, Open Iran invites officials,  speakers and traders to attend:

10th Congress on Crude oil, LPG and Petroleum products Trading and Transportation – Oil Terminal 2015 will take place on 26-27th November, 2015, St. Petersburg.

It is the leading industry event attracting 350+ delegates annually from more than 25 countries (Russia, CIS, Europe, America and Asia). 

It is the leading industry event attracting 350+ delegates annually from more than 25 countries (Russia, CIS, Europe, America and Asia). This year event includes the following:

    • 1.

Strategic Congress

    •  that addresses transportation and trading challenges for oil producers and traders, including oil products and LPG and gathers top enterprise managers

2. Technical Conference that covers constructon, renovation, expansion, operational excellence and leading HSE practice at tank farms and oil terminals in Russia and the CIS countries (refering to the best international practice)

3. International Equipment and Technologies Exhibition ‘Tank Farms and Liquid Bulk Terminals’

4. Technical onsite visits to the gas complex NOVATEK in Ust-Luga and Ust-Luga Oil Terminal where participants will see all key facilities, meet the management, observe day-to day work and find out about terminals’ future business development plans

5. International Award Nominations and Ceremony for the best oil terminals and tank farms in Russia, CIS and Baltic countries

Highlights of 10th Congress:

  • “Oscar” style awards ceremony for oil terminals industry! We will celebrate 10th anniversary of the Oil Terminal event by awarding special prizes for best oil terminals and tank farms!
  • NEW! Traders and NOCs discussions: Pricing dynamics for benchmarked oil blends, Russian oil grades – time for change? Oil&Gas markets’ stability, volatility and resilience – is there alternative to trading in the US dollars?
  • NEW FOCUS! Learning from Iranian experience to trade in oil successfully under Western sanctions regime. How the new barter (swaps) deal between Russia and Iran will work for traders. Oil swaps models and pricing. New oil benchmark pricing – how to avoid the US dollar or any other national currencies altogether. Trading oil in the Chinese yuan as a self-sufficient trading example for direct relationship between buyers and sellers.
  • Regulation debates: Russian state exports regulations and strategy. The 2015 Tax Manoeuvre: implementation and current impact on the oil industry and export potential. How the new tax regime is influencing pricing on the Russian internal market; Import substitution as a state policy vs import independence for the industry
  • Popular networking feature! 100 business-cards exchange challenge in 30 mins!
  • Global oil impact: how the oil industry has changed worldwide impacting on trading routes and means of transportation. OPEC strategy vs Russian role in Europe and the US oil exports. Is it time for a new Russian oil brand to supplement the Urals? Increasing heavy oil exports, its impact on refineries profitability and price formation for traders
  • How refining industry is transforming in Russia and its impact on transportation routes in the CIS region. How changing oil quality in the Transneft transportation network impacts refineries intake. Oil products export potential considering new tax regime for Russian refineries.
  • The Big Pipeline Question: keynote presentation. Would Russia form new heavy oil pipeline route via Ust Luga hub? New oil brand formation to reflect quality similar to «Kirkuk» and «Basrah Blend»?
  • Railway transportation: challenging or supplementing pipeline transportation? Keynote presentation and discussion on the best strategies forward for railway operators in context or rouble devaluation and changing tariffs

Who should attend the Congress?

  • Vice-presidents for trading and ligistics
  • Managers and specialists for logistics, trading and bulk transshipment
  • Oil Terminals general directors

Who should attend the Technical Conference? (Recommended delegation list):

  • General director and Managers of: tank farms, oil terminals, bunker terminals, reservoirs of oil refineries
  • Purchasing (procurement) managers
  • Commercial director
  • Technical director
  • Deputy general director
  • Construction managers
  • Technical support
  • Operations and production processes
  • Industrial, HSE and fire safety
  • Chief engineer
  • Head of laboratory
  • Head of automation services
  • Chief metrologist
  • Heads of: production and planning; logistics; process automation
  • Industrial, HSE and fire safety
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