Invitation to join Open Iran Business Club

Open Iran Group consists of experts in fields of trade (oil & gas, construction, export), shipping and international law.

One of the best ways for international companies to develop their business in Iran and internationalize the activities of Iranian companies, attract foreign investors and introduce investment opportunities in Iran for foreign companies and help them to reach an agreement and contract is one of the services of this group.

The aim of Open Iran Business Club to make a network between Iranian and foreign companies. In this way, companies in the field of Economy, Production, Trade and other fields, can take effective steps for making good connections by using VIP and CIP services of Business Club.


    Benefits of joining OIBC

VIP invitation and packages for our conferences & networking events:

Hear high-profile speakers and meet your business peers in some of Open Iran’s most prestigious business and leisure locations.past speakers include marketing experts, digital media experts, tax, and investment law advisers, business contingency advisers, networking experts, management skills experts and much more.all events allow networking time also.

Online Business Directory:

Create your own shop window on our partners business directory on our website which received over 118,000 visitors on 2015.

News letters:

All clients, potential clients, contacts, new and renewing partners and business club members are listed in our monthly newsletters highlighting opportunities and activities.

Use of business center in Tehran:

You may use our office and administration services we offer to our business center members when you travel to Iran.

Discount for office space:

it is great to have an office while your business in Iran is picking up.Open Iran business club members have priority and dis count to have dedicated office space with meeting room and dedicated fax and telephone line.

Members only access to exports:

Open Iran business club members can have access to contact details of professionals inside Iran, all proven, high-grade expertise in almost all sectors.only trusted, proven Iranian experts are endorsed by us and listed in our directory.

Referrals from Open Iran:

We refer to you, new clients and customers via our marketing services and will introduce your services to clients.

Business partner list in Iran :

Finding the right business partner is one of the most difficult and important aspects of doing business in Iran.we have access to different industries and can select and suggest the right partners to you, you can then get in touch with them, exchange information, make inquiries and make the choice.

Meetings arrangements:

Members will benefit from free B2B and B2G meetings organized for them by Open Iran when they travel to Iran.

The announcement on Open Iran Telegram Channel:

Upon your request, we inform our contacts on the telegram channel of Open Iran of new membership and their profile and services.

Free initial due diligence:

Critical in Iran due diligence but there is a lack of data available in a reawakening Iran.Open Iran Business Club’s unique, proven and confidential due diligence service allows a higher level checks to ensure certificated good compliance.

Free initial individual check:

Individuals are discreetly checked for credibility, reputation, and potential business risks.

Free initial company check:

Corporate requirement needs confidence in supply chain or distributors, professional services or potential partners. This check is done carefully and comprehensively.

Free initial data check:

Critical data on cost and pricing for fundamental business decisions must be checked properly or inaccuracies lead to embarrassment or failure.

Visa, accommodation, transportation and interpreting services:

Our members will enjoy support with visa into Iran, hotel and accommodation booking and arrangements of translators and interpreters. We can also organize for you a tour guide if you wish to visit Tehran and other parts of the country.

Access to the following tailored documents:

Taxation in Iran                                                         labor laws in Iran

Setting up a company in Iran                            finding the right partner in Iran

Frequently Q and An of doing business in Iran        practical guide of investment in Iran

Legal services in Iran                                                Decoding FIPPA

Business opportunities and risks in Iran

-Connecting to Open Iran foreign partners by our certified experts.

-Specialized business consulting in fields of construction, oil and gas and renewable energies.

-Legal advice in order to enter into a contract.

-Empowerment and guidance in the field of export.

-Advertising of products and services of members of the business club through the most prominent digital marketing experts.

-Consultation and implementation of the safety of communication networks of members of the business club.

-Holding meetings and VIP conferences in a luxurious and different atmosphere of the mini golf club of Enghelab complex.

-Providing the translator for B2B meetings with foreign partners.

-Run Open Iran business club members’ specialized events in a luxurious atmosphere with the capacity of 100 people and a discount of 54% by our professional team.

How To Join

VIP registration on Open Iran website.

2.receive full membership package.

3.get a membership card with annual charging capabilities. yearly membership fees of 1500 GBP.

5.join OIBC, Open Iran Business Club.

CIP registration on Open Iran website.

2.receive full membership package.

3.get a membership card with annual charging capabilities. yearly membership fees of 3000 GBP.

5.join OIBC, Open Iran Business Club.


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