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Introduction of Salafchegan Social Economic Zone (QSSEZ)

The institution of construction and development of QSSEZ, is located in a region with an area of 2000 Acres,185 kilometers from Tehran which sites right on the trade and transit crossroads in central Iran.
Salafchegan Special Economics Zone, as the most significant and closest Special Economic Zone to the political-economical capital of the country, is situated on the silk road, national railway Network, major North-South-East-west highway and for establishing firm connections with European, central Asian and the Persian Gulf countries and for the purpose of production, export and transit of goods, enjoys the most unique and premium position and is able to play a decisive role in the whole country’s macro economy. For this purpose another 2000 Acres, in addition to approved lands, are considered as development draft lands’ reservation across from the current position of the zone.

Establishment Objectives of “QSSEZ”
The general objectives of the zone, on the basis of the assignment set forth by the cabinet on 1384.09.05, are as follows:
1. To attract foreign and domestic investment.
2. To create new job opportunities and promote employment levels in the country.
3. To reduce production costs to enter the competitive global markets.
4. To create grounds for manufacturing and commercial activities in order to increase export of goods and offer premium services for an active presence in regional and international markets.
5. To execute regional development policies and establish industrial and economical centers.
6. To promote technological levels and implement premium modern economical know-how.
7. To provide grounds for modern strategies on development and expansion of the zone to increase production and export.
8. To process or implement changes to commodities to gain added value by utilizing potential facilities.

Comparative Legal Advantages on Investigation in “QSSEZ”
1. Availability of means to purchase land to construct for industrial, commercial, administrational and service activities in the zone.
2. Activity has been defined in general in Salafchegan Special Economic Zone and different industrial activities are provided beside administrational, commercial, and service affairs.
3. Issuing legal permissions for construction ,production ,processing, repairing, completing, separating, sorting and packing foreign material and products for export and re-export as well as distribution of production goods in excess to the added value in the local market according to the current laws and regulations and on the basis of the amount used raw material in the product.
4. Legal right of ownership for legal entities as well as individuals on land and construction for Iranian investors and guaranteed general ownership of constructions for foreign investors in accordance with regulations.
5. Total freedom to bring in take out capital, special profit and all profit made through economical and productive activities for foreign investments as well as Iranian investments made with foreign origin in accordance with law on encouraging and supporting foreign investments.
6. To implement added value policies and establish production, packaging and assembly line industries in the zone to transfer know-how and increase employment.
7. To provide depositing and distributing facilities for oil it’s by products for internal market and transiting to foreign origins.
8. To set up and arrange international and specialized fairs for familiarization with the zone and promote the producers’ and the experts’ level of knowledge.
9. To facilitate establishment of representations of international universities, considering the short distance to Tehran.
10. To provide the means to establish modern telecommunications.
11. The possibility of opening currency branches of banks to facilitate activities and establishing documentary and bank credits for imports to regional markets.
12. Economically feasible to establish cold storages for keeping food stuff like vegetables as well as flowers, plants, etc. Considering the fact that the zone is situated next to the desert and close cities with warm climate.
13. Granting six-part title deed to investors acting to construct and possibility of mortgaging the aforesaid deed in order to get bank facilities.

Customs Advantages of “QSSEZ”

•To export and transit goods to the world markets.
•To import raw materials, SDK or complete goods from regional and world market for production, processing and gaining added value.
•To offer services and establish customs, carnetir, transit, insurance, and transportation to ease the related processes in the zone.
•To offer services in warehousing, loading and discharging of goods for public or private warehouses.
•Establishing customs facilities to ease the process of Import-Export, production, processing, re-exports, and transiting for productions, No time limitation for storage of goods at the lowest storage costs and non deserted goods.
•Ability to issue proforma invoices for selling the whole or part of cargo, imported from foreign countries, to third parties against an endorsable and divisible storage receipt.
•Availability of means to insure all imported goods to the zone from the moment of entrance to exit (storage time) in both public or private warehouses under custom‘s control.
•Importing and unloading of goods on the basis of transit permit or carnetir issued by the zone for other zones or boarder costumes or visa versa is permitted.
•Temporary custom clearance of imported cargos partially or completely is permitted through the zone‘s custom.
•Returning or depositing produced goods by means of temporary custom clearance and entrance to the zone for export or transit and cancellation of undertakings and guarantees.
•Imports of goods to the zones are allowed to transfer the ownership of their cargo partially or completely and as much as they please against an endorsable, divisible warehouse receipt (NWR) issued by the region to any their party. In this case the holder of “NWR” will be regarded as the owner.
•For establishing letters of credit, all banks are obliged to accept the issued “NWR” and certificates of origin issued by the zone
•Import and storage of goods like raw material, machineries, tools and produced parts of production lines machineries on temporary basis are permitted.
•In case the quantity of work carried out for processing and added value on imported products exceeds those originally set forth and causes modifications in customs charges for a particular commodity, calculations on such import
•Importance the percent of goods manufactured in the Zone, in to the country, maximum to added value does not need trade ground and by paying the entrance duties of original materials it will be possible.
•All required commodities import for production or services from other countries to the zone and utilized in production, are not subject to any customs duties or charges. However, importing such products to the mainland from the zone will be subject to the national import-export laws.
•Required equipment and devices of producing units established in the Zone are not subject to any customs duties, as long as they are established in the zone.

Comparative Superiority of the Zone Geographical Position of “QSSEZ” And Its Transit Standpoint

1.Being close to the country’s political, economical and commercial centers.
2.Presence of %60 of the main industries of the whole country within a 230 kilometer radius of this zone and closeness to large industrial, productive and consuming cities like Tehran, Isfahan, Arak, Saveh, Qom, etc.
3.Connection to the country’s major highways to North, South, East and West, like Tehran-Salafchegan, Tehran-Qom and Isfahan highway.
4. Access ability to national railway and international airport.
5. Access to central Asian countries and Caucasian region by land, air and sea.
6.Being the connecting bridge between the major central Asian and Middle Eastern ports like Jebel-Ali, Bandar Abbas, Salafchegan, Bandar Anzali, and Astara Khan. “QSSEZ” is the ideal location for storing transit goods, raw material for production lines as well as concentrating distribution and transfer and deposit of empty containers.
7. Availability of skilled and efficient manpower with enough salary.
8. Facilitating of labor relation by applying special work regulation in special zones.
9.Suitable weather conditions for commercials activities, depositing cargos and storage for all season considering the regional climate.
10. Having commercials and economical ties with a population of over one billion belonging to the ECO member countries and those of the Islamic conference.
11. Enjoying unique geographical advantages and being located on the country’s trade crossroads.
12. Being located on the North-South corridor.
13.Availability of cheap energy, manpower and services due to being so close to their ensuring centers.

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