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Company Registration

Company Registration

The selection of the appropriate form of business organization will depend in each case upon the circumstances of the investor, the nature of the activity to be conducted, the method of financing, income tax ramifications and the potential liabilities related to the activity.


Market Entry Strategy Service

Acquiring reliable market intelligence and determining your ideal partner profile are key factors in the success of your international market expansion.We can help you with advice on entry strategy that will give you the best chances of success in your chosen market.


Partner Services

Our firm has long experience in connecting local business partners with foreign companies and can help your business find a suitable partner in Iran.Foreign individual and entities usually have difficulties choosing their partner in Iran and our experienced legal team can provide the appropriate legal advice to help with your decisions.


Regulatory & Compliance

Regulatory frameworks are constantly evolving across sectors and around the world. As transparency is  importance to international companies and the costs of non-compliance with laws and regulations increases, businesses everywhere strive to adapt to the growing pressure from regulatory bodies.


Business Research Services

All our lawyers and business consultants have lived abroad, they speak fluent English and understand western culture and are aware of the expectations of western clients in terms of communication, costumer care, customer service, and most importantly delivering the promised service in a timely manner.


Dispute Resolution

With more companies doing business in emerging markets, the risks are even greater. All of this creates higher costs and greater liability, requiring that disputes be avoided whenever possible, and resolved efficiently when they arise.