Partner Services

Our firm has long experience in connecting local business partners with foreign companies and can help your business find a suitable partner in Iran.

Foreign individual and entities usually have difficulties choosing their partner in Iran and our experienced legal team can provide the appropriate legal advice to help with your decisions. The following must be considered when selecting a business partner in Iran:

Evaluating and Selecting a Strategic Partner

Define and Validate Your Objectives for Alliance

Identify Imperatives for Partnering

Set Criteria for Evaluating Potential Partners

Identify Potential Partners

Conduct a Preliminary Screen & Qualify the Potential Partners

Complete a Detailed Assessment & Prioritize the Potential Partners

Create Long List of Prospective Partners

Orientating Meeting with Prospective Partners

Determine Short List of Prospective Partners

Conduct Due Diligence of Short Listed Potential Partners

Negotiating Alliance with Prospected Partner

Writing Legal Partnership Agreement

Develop Alliance Plan

The firm can find you potential partners to choose with more confident. We offer a range of services to foreign investors planning to enter the Iranian market. There are many factors in choosing a partner in Iran and our office can consult investors in their alliance with local companies process. Our services range from preparing long list of evaluated partners to meeting, due diligence, and to your final agreement with any individual or legal entity in Iran.