Shahid Rajaee

Shahid Rajaee

Local Office: Shahid Rajaee Harbor Complex, Bandar Abbas, Iran.
Tel.: +98 761 564015-70761 564035-7, Fax: +98 761564063
Surface area: 20 sq. km, including 200 ha allotted to Qeshm Free trade -Indus. Zone
Tehran Headquarters:
No.1, Didar-e-Jonoobi Street, Haghani Highway, Jahane-e-koodak Cross=roads, Vanak Square, Tehran.
 021 84931(five digits)
Managing Director in Charge of SEZs:
 021 84931,
Fax: 021 88651012,
Public Relations Manager:
Phone: 021 88651013,
Fax: 021 88651012


Shahid Rajaee Port with wide open area over 32.5 squares KM located 20 km from west wing by Bandar Abbas with advanced facilities and Modern equipment. That emphasis on global trading that makes Shahid Rajaee Port one of the most important economic gates in Middle East. Shahid Rajaee port by new technology has international goods exchange with main port around the world, also connecting with international rail way to dedicated work of transfer.
Distance of Shahid Rajaee Port to Tehran is 1501 Km, 30 Km to the province Capital and 40 Km to the nearest airport. The connection of this port to Tehran and other parts of the country is possible via roads and railways.
Shahid Rajaee Port connects to more than 80 ports worldwide and the highest rate of cargo transit through the country and towards the Central Asia passes through this port.

The Province
Hormozgan Distance from Tehran: 1501 km Geographic Situation (Coordinates): LAT27° 11’N LONG 056°C 18’E

The temperature range is 3 to 49°C, relative humidity range is: 34 to 92%, annual participation is 138 mm and the maximum wind speed is: 45 km/h. Bandar Abbas has two well-equipped Shahid Rajaee and Shahid Bahonar jetties both with the required administrative and technical capabilities satisfying the requirement of the modern shipping and is connected to the countrywide rail and road network and is directly connected to the CIS in the north of Iran and Caspian Sea.

Port Development
Port development plan for Shahid Raja’ee 2nd and 3rd basins concerning the construction of new berths with capacity for berthing big vessels, and port area expansion operations, berth expansions, warehouse construction, port and maritime installations and equipment provision is being implemented within phase 2.Phase 1 has already been completed and upon completion the capacity of the port has risen to 3 million TEU per year.

Phase 1 (completed)
• Providing conditions for berthing vessels up to 145000 DWT.
• Providing conditions for berthing 7th generation container ships (12000 TEU).
• Constructing 2 container berths each with 1000m length and 17m depth in a complete tidal condition.
• Dredging of entrance channel and basin with a volume of 11.5 million m3.
• Container yard reclamation up to 67 hectares.
• Upon phase 1 completion period, shahidrajaee port container capacity will reach 3 million TEU.

Phase 2 (under operation)
• construction of berths with 2020m length in 2nd and 3rd basins with a draft of 16m depth in a complete tide.
• Dredging of 2nd and 3rd basins and coastal reclamation up to 7 million m3.
• Construction of an area for container stacking.
• Purchasing 18 units of gantry cranes (6th generation)
• Purchasing 45 units of transtainers.
• Establishment of transit and oil- export port in the eastern part of shahidrajaee port complex.
• Establishment of transit and bunkering terminal within the port with partnership of the private sector for the purpose of facilitating and speeding up the construction process.
• The proximity of this terminal to oil cargo berths and its connection to the overall railway network has facilitated the processes for oil cargo loading and unloading, and has had an effective impact on developing oil transit through the port.

Organization and operation of Shahid Rajaee Port Special Economic Zone

* Imports of goods without costumes‘fee.
* Long term goods keeping in the best of port condition
* Transfer of different tonnages of goods in the best condition for buyers in home land and foreign countries.
* Unlimited import of goods for export, import regulation and value of foreign exchange of products.
* Transit and re export of goods to neighbor countries.
* Export of goods from foreign countries or Free Zone international trading without any costumes‘duty.

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