Linde resumes activity in Iran
Attended by Linde’s Chief Sales Officer Christophe Lautray, the event was celebrated on Thursday in Tehran.
“We are here once again and we will continue our activities in Iran both in good and bad times,” Lautray said in the ceremony.
Linde was active in Iran before the West imposed sanctions on the country, collaborating with Iranian companies on several petrochemical projects. 
According to the company directors, Linde is seeking a two digit market share in Iran since “Iran is a dynamic and escalating market in the region.”
The company which is the world's largest industrial gas company by market share as well as revenue, also provides logistics and engineering services such as production of industrial vehicles, including forklift trucks.
After the implementation of nuclear deal (also known as JCPOA), Linde Group inaugurated its office in Tehran in a ceremony held in October 2016 with the presence of visiting German Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel.

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