Umcebo Capital Limited

Umcebo Capital Ltd is the Investment Manager to the Umcebo Managed Fund (Cayman Islands). We are seeking investment from eligible, sophisticated Investors within Iran. Target ROI is 8-10% per month, with our beta test performance earning 300% for 2015.

Who are we..

Umcebo Capital Ltd is the Investment Manager to the Umcebo Managed Fund, which is domiciled in the Cayman Islands. The Fund is now seeking investment from eligible, sophisticated Investors and wholesale investment funds within Iran. The Fund specialises in maximising investment returns for its valued Investors, leveraging off the Investment Manager's 15 years experience in trading various strategies and financial instruments.

Competitive difference..

Aside from our beta test's performance, we consider ourselves to be your non-traditional financial firm and investment fund. We are nimble, agile, and hungry - yet humble. We are an emerging fund seeking to please (and personally understand) our valued Investors.


The Fund will suit Investors with a high/medium risk appetite seeking to diversify their overall portfolio with a hedge fund specialising purely in selling and profiting off Options Credit Spreads, as its main investment strategy. Eligible Investors will be High Net Worth Individuals, Family Offices, and/or wholesale Mutual/Investment Funds seeking specialised diversification.

What we do..

Apart from managing fund risk, we sell and pedantically manage Options Credit Spread positions. We aim to create positive investment returns, or Alpha, for our valued Investors each month.

How we do it..

Using our proprietary system, we trade volumes of 1000-1500 Options contracts per week. These are based on, but not limited to, the underlying physical markets of the S&P500 Index (SPX Options) and the S&P500 ETF (SPY Options). These are US Exchange Traded Options, not Binary Options or Over The Counter (OTC) Options. Thus providing a fairer market and tighter spreads via regulated markets. The Options are traded via the CBOE (Chicago Board Options Exchange), which is the world's largest Options exchange. And we only trade Weekly Options, giving the Fund greater liquidity and flexibility.

Our investment mandate..

The Fund seeks to raise investment from eligible Investors within Iran. We are seeking to raise a total of US$3,000,000, with initial minimum subscriptions starting at US$100,000. Our target ROI (return on investment) is 8-10% gross per month, with current beta trading performance exceeding this in 2015 and 2016.

Due diligence..

Our PPM (Private Placement Memorandum/Offering Memorandum) documentation and Pitch Deck can be provided to interested eligible, sophisticated Investors anytime upon request.

Thank you,

Peter Georgiou


Umcebo Capital Limited

Rodus Building, 4th Floor, Road Reef, Road Town

P.O. Box 765

Tortola, British Virgin Islands

m: +61 (0)421 327 025