Legal Services Department

Running the Legal department of Open Iran Group, Afarin Law Firm has dedicated his practice to providing clients from all walks of life with excellent service and he and his legal team have successfully handled thousands of cases throughout Iran.  If you have a legal issue in the area of Civil Law, Commercial Law, Criminal Law, Intellectual Property, Real Estate or Civil Litigation, you will be able to find an attorney who focuses exclusively on the type of law that you need assistance with.

In addition to the internal teams of experts and attorneys, the firm also relies on a number of external resources such as nationally and globally recognized experts if and when required to ensure our valued clients and associates with the best possible advice in a variety of legal areas concerning Iran.

Our goal is to provide the best legal representation available, swift, accurate and personal attention to all cases entrusted to our firm, taking into consideration the client’s interests and assuring that the minimum costs will be incurred. Many of our clients are respectable organizations from all parts of the world. And we are proud that domestic and foreign corporations have entrusted us with their different cases during past years. 

Some of our services are as follow:

  • Provision of business and legal information for international companies,
  • Introduction of investment opportunities in industrial, civil, and tourism fields,
  • Provision of the free initial technical consultation and guidance to foreign companies.
  • Introduction of Iranian companies and organizations active on the international market,
  • Organization of international specialized investment conferences and exhibitions,
  • Networking between Iranian companies and organizations with foreign partners,
  • Attraction of modern technology from foreign firms for domestic projects,
  • Introduction of technological capabilities of the Iranian companies to foreign firms,
  • Finding and introducing of suitable Iranian partners for foreign companies for JV,
  • Provision of advice and services for company incorporation and brand registration,
  • Supply of financial models and services from overseas for domestic projects,
  • Creating bilateral or multi-lateral agreements with best contractual and legal strategies,