Business Advice Department
With worldwide connections, we can help your business grow and gain more market share in the region. 

Our packages of support include the provision of vital business information, market research, strategy and marketing development, market oriented (pre-) feasibility studies, measuring competitiveness, and finally bringing producers, business partners and investors together. We offer flexible packages that cater for the needs of each client.  Please see what packages suits you the best, we will always exceed your expectations. The types of support we provide can include the following:

Strategy and marketing development
We work closely with senior management to think through how an organisation in each sector should develop – we evaluate options and bring in innovations. The results typically form the core elements of a fresh business plan.

Researching and interpreting markets
Many markets are poorly documented beyond the macro level of data on supply, demand, stocks and price. We answer our clients’ questions about detailed aspects of their international markets, drivers of future demand, end-user requirements, substitution occurring or market behavior.

Market oriented (pre-) feasibility studies for potential markets
We provide detailed evaluations of the commercial and technical options open to those seeking to develop a new market. This often becomes the key part of a pre- or bankable feasibility study which shows potential investors how the commercial potential of the planned market can be maximised.

Measuring and enhancing competitiveness
We measure and diagnose the competitive position companies, sectors and specific products. Our team then works with the client on the issues critical to enhancing competitiveness.

Value chain analysis and mapping
We quantify and interpret material and financial flows in the market, map the entire market including stock levels, analyse structural, purchasing and other trends occurring and identify the challenges that need to be addressed.

Product stewardship
The ethics of mining and the sustainability issues are at the top of the agenda of each industry and sector . We can help shape and implement product stewardship policies for individual companies sectors.

Bringing producers, business partners and investors together
We help our clients, to find and choose the right business partners including investors for their developing financial and technical resource needs.

Strengthening the management team – executive search
As companies develop, they frequently need to attract experienced directors and senior management to join: we bring “top decile” executives to short list for our clients.

Some of our services are as follow:

  • Provision of business and legal information for international companies,
  • Introduction of investment opportunities in industrial, civil, and tourism fields,
  • Provision of the free initial technical consultation and guidance to foreign companies.
  • Introduction of Iranian companies and organizations active on the international market,
  • Organization of international specialized investment conferences and exhibitions,
  • Networking between Iranian companies and organizations with foreign partners,
  • Attraction of modern technology from foreign firms for domestic projects,
  • Introduction of technological capabilities of the Iranian companies to foreign firms,
  • Finding and introducing of suitable Iranian partners for foreign companies for JV,
  • Provision of advice and services for company incorporation and brand registration,
  • Supply of financial models and services from overseas for domestic projects,
  • Creating bilateral or multi-lateral agreements with best contractual and legal strategies,