Amir Abad


Local office: Ports and Marine General Directorate of Mazanderan Province,
Tel.: +98 191 35917, Fax: +98 191 33030
Surface area: 60 ha
Tehran Headquarters:
No.1, Didar-e-Jonoobi Street, Haghani Highway, Jahane-e-koodak Cross=roads, Vanak Square, Tehran. Phone: 021 84931 (five digits)
Managing Director in Charge of SEZs:
Phone: 021 84931,
Fax: 021 88651012,
Public Relations Manager:
021 88651012,
Fax: 021 88651012

Amirabad Port

The strategic and unique situation of the Islamic Republic Of Iran has created great potentials in the field of transiting cargo, using which would bring about foreign revenues, and promote the position of Iran in the international interactions. The Special Economic Zone in Amirabad Port as the only northern port connected to the national railway system and the Iranian transit gateway in the Caspian Sea has assumed a significant role in regard with economic expansion and prosperity of the region. Numerous advantages, including location on the International North-South Transit Corridor, possession of a high number of berths, vast support area (1000 hectares ), and berths accommodating Ro-Ro vessels, trains and trucks that create a multimodal transportation system have led to the attraction many merchants and cargo owners to Amirabad Port, even though it has been operating for just a short time. Modern loading and discharging equipment, vast open and covered storage areas, elimination of redundant formalities, and mankind use of the information technology has minimized the time the vessels spend at port, and created a secure place for storing different goods. At the same time, vast support areas with all the infrastructural facilities and connection to the internal railway system has established an excellent opportunity for investment in different industries, including oil and petrochemical products, which would be ideal considering the legal advantages of .special zones
The unique situation of the Islamic republic of Iran in transit section in the region created the idea of establishing a big and modern port in Caspian see ( eastern ,Mazandaran) after several studies and investigations and verifying the region privileges as well the operational phase of construction of Amirabad port has been started from 1996 the existence of potentials talents and suitable location provided enough reasons to persuade supreme council of free zones in 1997 to approve it as an special economic zone and port and shipping organization was assigned to manage it in 2001 this port was inaugurated and during its activity has been welcomed warmly merchants product owners and investors.
Amirabad port as an special economic zone is seeking to attract the domestic and foreign investment as one of its main goals. Vast support lands whit all infrastructure facilities connected to rail network have different foundations in various industrial and to act and profit the different opportunities in this area the interest bodies by profiting the legal privileges of special economic zones and leasing lands on long term basis can invest in this port.


Rail- road network
The Islamic republic of Iran rail-road network includes 6426 km major road and 2698 km as a sub-road. This rail- road is connected from Bandar Abbas, Bandar Imam, Tehran to Iran and Turkmenistan Border and from Bandar Turkmen and Amirabad (East of Caspian sea) is connected to Jolfa (Iran and Nakhjavan border) and Razi (Iran and Turkey Border).

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