Anzali Free Zone

a) Headquarters
5th km of Zibakenar, Rasht-Anzali Road, Gilan
b) Tehran Office
No. 143-next to 29th St.-Khaled Eslambooli St.-Tehran

2) Geographical Location
Anzali Free Trade-Industrial Zone is a wide area of Bandar Anazli about 3200 hectares and about 8 kilometers of sea border and up to 2 kilometers into the sea, which included industrial ,trade and commercial ,tourism and services sections.
Anzali Free Zone borders line is clear on the Gilan province map. This area is about 23 kilometers on the Eest of Bandar Anzali.
The Caspian sea is on the north of Free Zone.
The Fatato village and Ghazian of Anzali are on the South.
Anzali lagoon is on the East.
Anzali-xomam highway is on West and North West.
Anzali Free Zone is constituted in 2 separate sections in the west and east of Bandar Anzali, each part has its own specific potentials.
* Potentials of east part are:
existence of docks, shipping and ports organization and facilities, customs office, industrial city, natural territory and properties, adjacent to Anzali international lagoon.
* Potentials of west part are:
existence of beautiful natural lands and properties for cultivation of summer crops, less populated area, easy access to beaches and recreation facilities, as well as some rice fields.

3) Historic Background
This seaport is located in the southern seaboard of the Caspian Sea with 275 kilometer and 130,000 population, 40 kilometers from Rasht, capital of Gilan . The record of shipping in this city came back to 350 years ago; the fishery has been active for 160 years.
A century ago more than 20 thousands passengers traveled from Anzali to Russia and other countries, every year during this time 482 trade ships from Russia came into dock in Bandar Anzali. Bandar Anzali was the first city of Iran which has had electricity since1900, and also was pioneer in railroad from 1890, and telephone network eight years later.
This seaport is one of the most active harbors among the 5 countries on the border of Caspian Sea and the biggest northern seaboard of Iran. This seaport is located on transit route to the north-south of Iran; countries of south-eastern Asia, Persian Gulf seaboard, Republics to the center of Asia, Caucasus and Russia and Europe.

4) Historic Monument and Ancient Centers
GILAN Province, A province in northern Iran, about 14711squares km, with 16 cities and population of 2.400.000 milions, this province is separated from the country through Alborz mountain, located in the south of Caspian sea. Gilan is neighbor to Mazandaran, East Azarbaijan And Zanjan provinces.Rasht is the capital of this province. Gilan as a coastal province has two kinds of climate, Mild & Mediterranean. It has mountains that are covered by dense forests about 560.000 hectares.
Gilan province is first producer of Tea, Cocoon and Olive in Iran, also producer of different kinds of fish and superfine Caviar in the world, Rice, Kiwi, Olive, Composites, Peanut, Hazelnut, Walnut, Tobacco, Flowers and Plants, Honey, Herbs like Borage, Animal Husbandry, Handcrafts, Crude oil and Gas resources.
some of tourism attractions of Gilan province are:
Beautiful beaches of Caspian Sea
Masouleh historic town
Bandar Anzali International lagoon
Anzali navy museum
Anzali Shanbeh Bazaar( Saturday Market)
Gilan rural museum
Marlik Ancient hill
Miniature horse of Caspian sea
Natural pool of Lahijan
Feuman Qale Roudkhan historical castle
Astara Still lake
The jungle

5) Investment Attraction and Opportunities

A) Infrastructures
* Construction of small and private warehouses
* Setting up of jetties for loading and unloading of cargo goods in line with the development of harbor installations
* Construction of electricity power station
* Urban public services: hospitals, pharmacies, educational centers ranging from nurseries to universities, vocational schools

B) Industry
Easy access to raw materials in Anzali Free Zone and neighboring states make Anzali Free Zone best place for industrial plans.
* Steel conversion industries
* Sea food industries by taking advantage of the huge resources of the Caspian sea
* Mineral processing industries
* Agricultural equipments manufacturing industries
* Oil , chemical and petrochemical industries
* Food , pharmaceutical and hygienic processing industries
* Cellulose and wood industries
* Extraction of eatable oil seeds from seeds
* Electric and electronic products
* Textile and garment industries
* Leather and shoes manufacturing industries
* Floaters and ship manufacturing industries
* Car manufacturing

C) Trade and commerce
* Importation and distribution of commercial goods, raw materials, finished and semi-finished goods, machinery and holding regular exhibitions
* Export of goods manufactured in the free zone
* Sorting, packing and re-packing, packaging and re-packaging
* Transit and re-export of goods

D) Services
* Establishment of international land, sea and air transportation agancies
* Construction of health care centers
* Establishment of international universities and educational centers
* Establishment of local coach services
* Setting up banks ,insurance companies and credits institutions
* Establishment of public service departments
* Construction of international conference halls
* Setting up shopping centers, hotels, residential blocks, office complexes.

E) Cultural and touristic activities
* Creation of resorts, hotels, guesthouses, inns, villas, restaurants, shops, cinemas, theatres, parks, aquatic sports , tourist information centers and recreational complexes

6) Training and Educational Centers

University of Gilan Anzali free zone Int. Campus
Guilan University campus started its scientific activities since 1387 and is accepting students in fields such as Architectural Engineering, Civil Engineering , Soil Mechanics and foundation, private law, international law, political science, international relations, information technology (IT) Management & MBA

7) Advantages of Free Zone
* Existence of port installation, facilities and maritime transportation
* On the direction of north-south international corridor of Nostrac which is the 21th century transit corridor of Asia-Europe
* Connects Helsinki port (North Europe) via Russia to the north & south ports of the Caspian Sea, then trough Persian Gulf to the south-eastern countries of Asia
* Easy access to north & south ports of Europe through Volga River & Volga-Den (bay)
* Adjacent to ports of Astrakhan & Lagan in Russia, Kerasnodesk in Turkmenistan, Aktau in Kazakhstan and Baku in Azerbaijan
* Existence of access roads to the consumption markets of C.I.S countries
* Adjacency to the Rasht international airport
* International highway of Anzali – Rasht – Ghazvin
* Existence of specialist work force
* Adjacency to the vast gas & crude oil of the Caspian Sea
* Ghazin – Anzali – Astara railroad
* Closeness to Capital of Iran (Tehran about 360 km)
* Proximity to 5 power station
* Possession of main infrastructures

Among the most important incentives are:

* 15 years tax exemption from income and assets
* Possibility of %100 foreign ownership
* The possibility of unlimited investment for both Iranian and Foreign nationals
* Full protection and guarantee of foreign investment .
* Free transfer and repatriation of capital and profits
* Flexible banking and monetary system and foreign exchange laws
* Liberal import and export regulation possibility of expatriating up to %10 of the zone's total workforce
* Flexible and Simplified labor employment regulations, terms and conditions
* No tax and duties for raw materials and machinery imported for productions manufacturing in the zone
* Very law charge and easy procedures for re- exported goods
* No time limitation for release of cargo in Anzali free zone
* Full protection for labor forces, capital investment, company registration and ingoing and outgoing capital .
* More charge discount(off) for ships entrance into the Free Zone(even less than %10)
* Easy registration of company ,industrial firm, institute and intellectual ownership in the zone
* Possibility of establishing Iranian and foreign branches of banks and credit institutions as well as insurance institutes
* Cargo transit and re-export without any limitations
* Cargo retailing for foreign or Iranian nationals
* Providing land for investors in industrial, trade, tourism and service sections
* Proximity to industrial, petrochemical and manufacturing centers
* Bank & credit, insurance, customs and other related services agencies network
* Modern equipment for loading, unloading and handling of cargo
* Active management support


Anzali free zone link between national economy and global economy


 Anzali Port special geographic position caused this port to became the best harbor for trade and non-trade ships. Silk Road destruction was concurrent with sovereignty of Ottoman Turkish government, because ottoman kings had made unsafe and blocked both marine and land paths of Silk Road, so that the trader and merchants had to use other roads to enjoy west and east markets. Iran traders chose two other land roads were lead to Ghfghaz and Russia, and anzali marine path to Baku and Russia markets.

During safavid tenure, Bandar anzali was the connection gate to Europe and during the tenure of Ghajar kings it become the most important path to Europe, and registered its name as the input gate of civilization. Modern technology was introduced to Iran via this port such as telephone, electricity, fishery, port and ships organization and customhouse. 

Ghajar kings, traders and students to learn the new science of Europe used this port for travel to Europe, the same thing happened in Phahlavi tenure but differently, while regarding to regional revolutions and appearance of communist government in north borderlines, Pahlavi king decided to support south ports, that resulted in fall and isolation of this port during Cold War.

During Cold war, relationship of this port with the south ports of soviets was limited and Caspian Sea which was considered as the connecting bridge between Iran and Europe changed to a restricted lack between Iran and soviets. 

According to much of reformations after soviets union downfall, and due to essential changes in the structural  of international relationship, Ghafghaz region and Caspian Sea borderlines countries bulked large and it was concurrent with end of imposed Iraq war and the start of construction age in Iran. At that time Iran attempted to enter world economy and try to absorb investment and subsequently was trying to earn modern technology. It was the main goals of then government which resulted in establishing Free zones to achieve these goals.

History of Anzali  free zone organization 

After Soviet Unions downfall and increasing role of anzal port on the economy of region, up approval of state boards anzal special economic zone was established in 1996 by two distinct sections. it  was registered  as free trade –industrial zone organization in 2003.its statute was ratified by board of ministers in 2004 .according to this ratification, Anzali Free Trade-Industrial Zone is a wide area of Bandar Anazli about 3200 hectares and about 8 kilometers of sea border and up to 2 kilometers into the sea, in three  distinct sections  including ports and  harbor section, Anzali industrial city and especial economic zone.

The advantages of  Anzali free zone

The most active port in the north of iran with 10 specialized jetties which are able to load and unload up to 6 million tons goods in a year

Presence of anzali customhouse as the most modern customhouse in Iran

Proximity to the Rasht International Airport with modern navigation system  

 Easy access to north & south ports of Europe through Volga River & Volga-Den (bay)

Existence of access roads to the consumption markets of C.I.S countries

  Adjacency to Capital, industrial, manufacturing and consumption markets.

Presence of anzal international lagoon and beautiful Caspian Sea beaches act as   eco-tourism pole of the country with million3 foreign and domestic tourists  

On the direction of north-south international corridor of Nostrac which is transit path between India to Helsinki in the north of Europe, this path is three time shorter in comparison to current Asia path to Europe

Posses the richest resources of sturgeon fishes as well as processing plants and producing the best caviar of the world

Gilan province as the agricultural axis and garden products, has many of products such ;such as Rice, Citrus fruits, Tea, Olive and Slk

Future scenery   

Anzali free zone organization has drastically increased  its cooperation with different government and non-government organizations and entities so that at the moment it play significant role in administration of province and country . After connection of anzali to country 's railway network and inauguration of QazvinR-Rasht highway, we will be the witness an evolution in passenger and goods transportation that will flourish the economy of the region.

By implementation of  law and regulation of free zones inside anzali free zone and expanding of cooperation with different organizations and entities we could be hopeful to comprehensive progress and development of region.

Anzali free zone is passing  from first generation of free zone to third generation of free zone, during this process Anzali free zone functions has been changed from transportation and re-export of goods to place for processing of goods and services. As a result, Anzali free zone by taking advantages of adjacency to Anzali harbor and jetty, legal advantages and tax exemptions as well as specialized work forces, could be the best place for production and re-production of add value goods for export and re-export to domestic and global markets. This is most important factors for national and region economy progress and development.

By above mentioned potentials and complementation of infrastructure projects in the area, Anzali free zone could see golden era in industry, trade and tourism and …since anzali free zone is connection ring between national economy and global economy and trade